Network Security

Network Strategy, Management, & Security

Office Network Security for Small Businesses “We’ve been hacked.”

Probably the last words you want to hear when it comes to your network. Yet in today’s world, a truly realistic and scary proposition.

“Why would a hacker target us?”

Often a reason given for not having proper security in place is the feeling that your business is too small or not visible enough for anyone to want to hack you. And that is probably true. But hackers aren’t looking at YOU as an entity; they are running scans around the clock on IP addresses, running probes into random servers across the world, looking for vulnerabilities to exploit and attack. And if you aren’t properly protected, you are at risk of an attack that could cripple your business, take down your network, and steal your sensitive data.

What Should We Do To Protect Ourselves?

Network security While nothing is ever foolproof to the dedicated hacker, there are a lot of things you can do that can prevent 99% of the vulnerabilities you have. They range from common sense ideas such as making sure your firewall software is up to date and managing your exposed ports to more complex strategies that close potential loopholes hackers could expose.
Let SystemGo come in and perform a Network Security Assessment and see what you can do to increase your network security (and piece of mind).